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I recently cleaned out my craft closet, where I found many treasures I'd totally forgotten I had! I have too many items for one person to ever possibly use, so I've decided to add them to my website to offer great buys to all you wonderful doll makers or for baby's since many of the items I'm adding are actual baby clothing and shoes in size preemie - newborn.
Doll Wigs
I have 6 style of doll wigs I'm offering in sizes 11-16 in a variety of color's, all being sold for $3.50 - $6.00, depending on wig style.
Click on the picture to be taken to the doll wig page.

Baby Shoes for Baby's, Reborn Doll's and Large Doll's
I have many, many adorable baby shoes I'm selling, most are one of a kind, but a few have two identical pair available. These are new shoes that are no longer available in stores, most are sized 0 - 1 month with a few largers sizes also available.
I'm selling them at a huge discounted price of $3.50 - $6.00 a pair!
These shoes are great for reborn dolls, 20" or bigger doll's like Karens Kids or real baby's! 
Click on the shoe picture to see all the shoe's  available.
Baby Clothing for Baby's and Doll's
Oh my! Do I ever have a lot of baby clothes! They're just so adorable, they're hard to pass by, so when I see something just too cute, I end up buying it and adding it to my collection. But my craft closet if now overflowing, so I'm offering these adorable sleepers and outfits in sized preemie and newborn at a huge discounted price. Many of these sleepers and outfits are styles that are no longer available in the stores! Here's your chance to dress your reborn doll's in clothing styles no one else will have! Or snatch them up at these great price's for your newborn! 
These cute outfits will also fit many other doll's, like Karens Kids, or any doll you've purchased that can wear preemie to Newborn sized baby clothing..
Click on the baby outfit to see the many, MANY outfits available!
Please remember, the more you order, the more you save. I don't have a minimum order requirement, but the more you buy, the better your shipping per item will be.
I consider these items to be closeout items with no return, no refunds, because quite frankly, I don't want to have to put them back in my craft closet. lol..
Please be assured that you will receive the item pictured. These are not stock photo's. I have taken these pictures myself of each item listed.
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